Supply Chain Strategy Delivered

We design and reengineer supply chains to eliminate waste and drive profit.

We consult with the SMB sector to evaluate the current state of your parcel business to help you identify a future desired state and then work to close the gap by gaining operational efficiency through best industry practices, better technology, custom tailored solutions, and training.

UNISHIPPERS® leverages the combined volume and spend of a $5 billion network for enhanced cost position.

Small to Medium Sized Businesses
Get Big Benefits with Unishippers

Your one-stop shop for 3PL

From small package to truckload freight (and everything in between!), Unishippers has great options for all shipping challenges. Our team of small business shipping experts can customize a solution for your current needs (and budget) that will evolve as your business grows.

A dedicated team that knows small business

Unishippers knows small business. In fact, our franchise owners run small businesses themselves and understand the challenges you face. This knowledge, along with our cutting-edge technology, allows us to deliver the support you need to upgrade your business.

More shipping value for small businesses

The perks of working with Unishippers add up to a clear advantage: we give you value for your shipping dollar. It’s the reason SMBs continue to choose Unishippers – one of the only full-service 3PL companies – for their freight and small package shipping needs.

Our team of SMB and e-commerce experts offer a personalized, consultative service tailored for your specific needs.

You’ll get:

Experienced and responsive change agents on your team who will go the extra mile for your business.

A dynamic shipping platform that that interphases with your e-com solution putting you in control with everything you need in one convenient place.  This includes integration of your website or preferred shopping cart.

Significant savings of time, energy, and capital with flexible credit, invoicing, and insurance options.

Reporting to drive your business forward

Executive Dashboard

Multiple canned reports available and customized reporting on demand

With increased visibility on trends for spend, service type, weight, dim factors, and zone shipping you have strategic insight to drive changes and gain an unfair advantage over competitors.

Unishippers Team

Hands on approach to ZDi (Zero Defect Implementation)

Proactive management and education

In-house specialists to assist with daily account questions

Extensive knowledge and expertise on minimizing delays and issues

Customizable Billing

Mulitple summary options

Customer reference numbers

MultIple-location billing

Consolidatesd invoicing

ACH payments

On-line Payment Portal

Cost Savings

Unishippers franchise # 1693, proudly female-minority owned

BELEM Parcel Solutions (317) 462-3536

Franchise owner, Monica Long, has more than two decades of logistics experience and has facilitated the successful delivery of hundreds of thousands of shipments.

Her team is comprised of many tenured FedEx Express and UPS professionals, some who have had 30+ years with the carriers.  Together they ensure thousands of e-commerce clients achieve the best price and unparalleled service.  With an abundance of industry knowledge and expertise, you can rest assured that your company has chosen wisely.

Small Package Shipping Services

Negotiating small package shipping rates can make small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) feel like a small fish in a very big pond. That’s where we come in, your success is personal to us.

Cast your nets on the other side.  We offer a different approach and leverage the combined shipping volume of our 120 K + customers to get you great rates on your small package shipping. Pair that with personalized, one-on-one guidance from your dedicated Unishippers team and you’ve reeled in the perfect catch for parcel shipping success.

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Shipping Technology That Puts You In Control

As new innovations continue to pour into the shipping industry, embracing advanced technology is a must for any business. But we get it – shipping technology is often clunky and confusing.

That’s why Unishippers is leading the way with new, user-friendly tools to help you simplify and streamline your logistics.

Start Simplifying Your Business Shipping

We know you’ll love the time and cost savings of working with Unishippers – but don’t just take our word for it, get a free data analysis today and see how much you can save with the Unishippers UNFAIR ADVANTAGE for small business.

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